Who We Are

Your friendly neighbourhood student organisation. 

ESA is composed of either current or ex B.Sc. in Earth Systems students, who all share one passion in common; that of safeguarding the natural environment.

A few words from our team

Sara Lee Bonavia


After having joined ESA last year as Social Media Officer, I came to recognise the value a cohesive team holds when working towards a common goal. I take great pride in saying that I will be serving in ESA for another year, this time round with an even larger and stronger team, all with a fresh outlook. With a team like this ESA will reach its aims of helping the students and advocating for the environment.

Izabella Apostolov


Joining the Institute of Earth Systems was a big leap of faith since almost nine out of ten subjects were new to me, but I have always wanted to study something that I was passionate about and something that was extremely relevant in our world today. To further broaden my knowledge about the environment and satisfy my passion, I decided to join ESA. As the new sustainability officer, I am very excited to integrate myself into this 'new world', to learn more and meet people in this field.

Gareth Craig Darmanin

Secretary General

As human beings, we tend to underappreciate the power of nature. From a young age, I was always fascinated and interested in nature's systems and thus, I chose to enrol in the B.Sc. (Hons) Earth Systems course to better understand the natural processes occurring around us and how we as humans are impacting them. I joined ESA to encourage people to value their surroundings more and to be more thoughtful towards nature.

Marija Cassar


I enrolled in the Earth Systems course because I have always been fascinated by nature and I wanted to gain a better understanding of how this complex natural system works. By joining ESA, I hape to raise awareness about the need for environmental protection and encourage more individuals to work with nature.

Joanna Camilleri

Public Relations Officer

Nowadays, people have started to move away from nature due to urbanisation, industrialisation and technological developments. I chose to enrol in the Earth systems course to broaden my understanding of the environment and how it interplays with our lives. To spread this knowledge, I decided to join the Earth Systems Association as it is a good platform for raising awareness on such an essential aspect of our existence.

Julianna Ostrowska

International Officer

Joining ESA is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people. The time in the organisation and the Earth Systems course shows me how nature can actually bring people together. I believe that by organising events for students, ESA can not only promote environmental awareness but also provide a space for social cohesion - a necessary step for a sustainable society.

Kristina Felice Pace

Events Officer

The environment has always been my safe space. Through the years, with the help of social media and activities organised throughout our islands, I have realised that our planet is facing countless threats because of human impacts. I decided to enrol in Earth Systems, and further take part in ESA to start being part of the solution and try my best to act towards a brighter future. 

Benjamin Mifsud Scicluna

Educational Officer

From a young age, I have always loved being outside within nature, exploring multiple habitats and finding various species. Enrolling in the B.Sc. in Earth Systems course only furthered this passion I have found for the natural environment. Moreover, becoming the educational officer of ESA will enable me to create more awareness among the general public about the environment.